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Do Electrical Insulated Gloves Expire?

This question is often asked, as there is a myriad of standards and requirements for field technicians and asset managers to wade through. For example, Height Safety has a maximum life span of 10 years from the date of manufacture. After this date has expired, the item should be removed from service, destroyed and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

On the other hand, Electrical Insulated Gloves can remain in service for either a short period of time or for many years. It depends on various factors.

  1. The quality of rubber used at manufacture
  2. The processes of the manufacturer
  3. Exposure to UV Light, Heat and Chemicals
  4. If protective leather outers are worn (this is a must in the US)
  5. Frequency of use
  6. Involved in an incident
  7. Daily Visual & Air Inspections
  8. Periodic Electrical Test (6 monthly or more frequently when required)

View the below Safe Working Instructions, to maximise the use of your gloves and to ensure you stay safe.