On a regular basis, we have clients ask us why they need to wear Electrical Safety PPE when they do not work “live”. It is a fair enough question and the answer is quite simple.

Until a technician has tested to ensure the switchboard or piece of equipment is “dead” or “not live”, the untested item is considered “live” (energised) and the technician should use extreme care and don items listed in AS4836:2011 that are applicable to the situation.

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Any parts of the Switchboard/Equipment which remain “live” should then be covered by an Insulated Cover, such as LV Busbar Covers or HV Blankets. This will reduce the risk of accidental electrocution and/or arc flash by the crossing of phases.

Extreme caution should be used when reaching around the back of de-energised Switchboards/Equipment as there could still be live parts uncovered. It is a must to re-assess what protective measures should be added to ensure you are protected.

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There have been too many incidents whereby Electrical Safety PPE and Equipment was not used, which has caused severe injuries and death. Don’t become a statistic.