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Exploring the Range of Arc Flash Suit Hoods

We offer three types of arc flash hoods: Standard, Vented, and Lift Up, to keep you safe from the heat and energy of an arc flash in any work situation.

Standard Arc Flash Suit Hood

Ideal for general electrical work environments where the risk of arc flash is present but not exacerbated by extreme temperatures or visibility concerns. It’s well-suited for indoor electrical maintenance tasks, standard electrical installations, and operations where a balance of safety and simplicity is required.

Description and Features:

  • The Standard Hood is part of Volt Safety’s Arc flash HRC4 kit.
  • It’s designed to be used in HRC4 environments up to 43cal/cm².
  • This hood is manufactured using quality materials from DuPont Nomex and Paulson USA.
  • It is delivered with a protective bag for safe storage.

Vented Arc Flash Suit Hood

Best for work in hotter climates or in situations where the work generates additional heat, such as in industrial settings with high ambient temperatures. The vented design is also advantageous in tasks that require extended wear of the hood, as it helps in reducing heat stress and maintaining clear visibility by minimising fogging.

Description and Features:

  • The Vented Hood is also suitable for HRC4 environments up to 43cal/cm².
  • This hood features a cooling and anti-fogging system, making it ideal for hot conditions or where increased air circulation is needed.
  • Like the Standard Hood, it is made from materials sourced from DuPont Nomex and Paulson USA.
  • Its vented design enhances comfort during extended wear.

Lift Up Arc Flash Suit Hood

Particularly useful in variable risk environments where workers frequently move in and out of arc flash hazard zones, the lift up feature allows for easy transition between safety and  quick access to fresh air. It also provides an easy way to effectively communicate with other teammates while maintaining safety on the job site. This hood is beneficial for tasks that involve frequent interaction with other team members or require regular switching between hazardous and non-hazardous areas, ensuring both safety and efficient communication.

Description and Features:

  • The Lift Up Hood provides easy and quick access to fresh air, ideal for environments outside of arc flash hazards, and helps release built-up heat and carbon dioxide.
  • This hood is part of the HRC4 kit for environments up to 43cal/cm².
  • Its design reduces feelings of claustrophobia and facilitates easy movement.
  • The Lift Up feature adds convenience, especially during breaks or when moving between different work areas.

Volt Safety Arc Flash Clothing

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