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Insulated Sticks FAQs

Telescopic Insulated Sticks are essential for safe and effective work on overhead electrical systems. They’re commonly used for live line maintenance. This FAQ will guide you on how to choose, use, and look after the right stick for your job.

Q: What are Telescopic Insulated Sticks used for?

A: They’re handy for:

– Opening and closing switches

– Disconnecting fuses

– Attaching earthing devices

– Checking if circuits are dead using a voltage detector

– Measuring heights

– Trimming trees

Q: Why is the stick triangular?

A: The triangular shape offers several benefits:

– It’s sturdier, especially when fully extended

– Locking pins are easier to find and use

– Prevents the stick sections from spinning

Q: What material is the stick made from?

A: It’s crafted from:

– High-quality, non-conductive fiberglass

– A clear finish that repels water

– The end is foam-filled to stop water absorption

Q: What are the advantages of a telescopic stick?

A: Its telescopic design means:

– It’s easy to carry when collapsed

– You can adjust its length as needed

– Worn or damaged sections can be replaced easily

Q: What is a universal sunrise attachment head?

A: This versatile head lets you attach various tools, like:

– Fuse pullers

– Disconnect hooks

– Voltage detectors

– Saws

– Light globe applicators

– Clamp adapters – It fits all brands, making it a flexible choice.

Q: How should I maintain my stick?

A: Proper maintenance includes:

– Always extend and collapse it vertically to avoid damaging the sections and locking buttons

– Clean it with a fiberglass wipe after use to remove debris and fluids

– Store it in a carry bag, away from rain and UV light

– Only use it for its intended purposes to prevent damage

– Regular dielectric testing for insulation:

  – Dry test every 6 months

  – Wet test every 24 months if needed

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