NEW PRODUCT ALERT: HV Insulated Sticks and Proximity Testers

Hot-Stick-2-small Jan ,30 2017

We now stock a range of Volt Safety HV Insulated Telescopic Sticks and Proximity Testers.
Our sticks are triangular in shape providing extra stability. They are also marked with height marking for dual purpose use. Complete with Fuse Puller (Pigtail), Disconnect Hook and Protective Bag.
STICK2.5 Insulated Stick with Height Markings, Attachments and Bag
STICK8.0 Insulated Stick with Height Markings, Attachments and Bag
Our new Proximity Tester (Modiewark alternative) covers the most ranges of all testers on the market. This means you do not need to purchase two or more to cover additional ranges. Th self test button allows you to easily check the unit is working prior to use. Replacment handles are readily available if the universal attachment is damaged in use.
MET PROXI Volt Safety Proximity Tester 240V; 1kV; 3.3kV; 6.6kV; 11kV; 22kV; 33kV;66kV;132kV; 220kV.

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