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Electrical Rescue Kits

In an emergency, time is of the essence. Being able to provide fast, effective first aid is essential. With an electrical rescue kit and first aid kit on hand, you’ll be prepared to act fast in an emergency. Our kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of an electrical emergency and comply with all Australian standards. We have a general electrical first aid kit, as well as those specific to certain accidents – such as a low voltage rescue kit, IV rescue kit or burn first aid kit.

From low voltage to burns and IV kits – we stock them all

Our rescue and safety kits range includes top brands and products like the FastAid Emergency Burns Station and Volt Safety’s own Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit and First Aid Kit for Electrical Workers. Browse the catalogue for official Volt Safety products, or view our full selection of electrical PPE and kits online.

Volt Safety are an Australian electrical safety equipment supplier. We stock all the essentials to keep you and your employees safe on the job. Whether that means electrical first aid, arc flash protection, height safety equipment or insulated gloves – it’s all ready and waiting in our warehouse.

Order Australian standard electrical first aid kits

Every product stocked by Volt Safety meets or exceeds international and Australian standards, including our low voltage rescue kits and electrical first aid. You receive all kits and electrical PPE fully tested, calibrated or inspected (whichever applies) and with a certificate of proof. We aim to keep every item fully stocked at all times and offer same-day shipping for orders placed before 2pm AEST. This is all part of our Guaranteed, Tested and In Stock promise.

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Volt Safety stock both complete rescue kits and first aid kits, as well as refills and replacement items. For more information on our kits, or for advice on building your own – contact our team. Call 1300 865 888 in Australia, +64 9622 2996 in New Zealand, or submit your details online.