Volt HV Insulated Telescopic Stick – 2.5m

Description: Volt HV Insulated Telescopic Stick 2.5m
Brand: Volt Safety
Standard/s: ASTM F711
ASTM F1825
ASTM F1826
IEC 60855
Rating: 100kV
Features: Triangular for added stability
Foam Filled Tip
Height Markings
Protective Carry Bag
Disconnect Hook & Fuse Puller Attachments
Colour/s: Yellow & Black
Size/s: 2.5m


Our Triangular Shaped Hot Sticks are designed to provide the working distance and insulation required to perform routine jobs on overhead electrical systems. The unit comprises of a number of sticks that slide into each other with integrated locking buttons.

Triangular Telescopic Hotstick Features:

• Easy to transport

• Resolves the rotating problems found in round hot sticks, but provides the same strength

• Only the number of sections required for the job are extended, giving great flexibility

• Any section can be replaced if it becomes damaged

• Special tools for attachment to telescopic stick ‘universal sunrise’ adaptors e.g. House Service Fuse Puller (HSFP)

• Test Equipment for attachment to ‘universal sunrise’ adaptors are also available

The range is supplied with a universal alloy fitting ‘universal sunrise’ head, which attaches to the numerous universal tools that are available. The range is supplied in a protective carry bag, and the sticks have a height measurement, disconnect hook and fuse puller attachments.