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Volt Lenzing CAT2 D/N Arc Flash Trouser

Description:  Volt Lenzing CAT2 D/N Arc Flash Trouser 
Brand:        Volt Lenzing
Rating:       APTV 9.7 cal/cm, HRC2
Standards: AS4836:2011 Compliant
AS/NZS 1906.4:2010
AS/NZS 4602.1:2011
Features:     Inherent Fire Retardant
Nylon Stud Closure
185gsm Light Weight Breathable Fabric
Colour/s:     Navy
Size/s:      77R-117R; 92S-132S
Item Code/s: ARC-TROUSER2 L-N(size)
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Volt Lenzing CAT2 D/N Arc Flash Trouser is light in weight and keeps the wearer safe during in Arc Flash incident. Made from Inherent FR fabric (that means the FR properties do not wash out over time). Natural Lenzing FR Fiber, Aramid, Anti-Static fabric blend. Meets requirements of AS4836:2011

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