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Understanding Arc Flash Layering.

Arc Flash Layering effectively enhances protection against electrical hazards. This method involves combining multiple arc-rated garments to achieve a higher level of arc flash protection.

Why is Layering Important?

Layering is key for Arc Flash Safety. It lets you meet specific safety levels when the right gear isn’t easy to find or takes too long to get. By wearing layers of arc-rated clothing, you can quickly and safely match the safety needs of different job sites. This approach is practical in places where dangers change often. Plus, it keeps you cooler and more comfortable, lowering the chance of accidents from heat stress or not paying attention.

Practical Example of Layering

In the new AS/NZS 4836:2022 standard working in environments greater than 800A requires you to wear a 75cal/cm² rated PPE. 75cal/cm² and higher arc rated suits are not readily available in the marketplace so therefore layering is a suitable way to conduct the work in a safe manner. 

Inline with NFPA 70E standards, achieving this is possible through strategic layering. For example, combining a 69cal/cm² Arc flash Kit* along with a 34cal/cm² Balaclava, 8.6cal/cm² Coverall and a 9.6cal/cm² Arc flash Inner Glove will exceed a 75cal/cm² rating.

*NB The lens on this hood in this example is rated at 75cal/cm2 on this Hood. Always ensure all components are rated up to or higher than the required rating.

Additional Benefits
  • Layering for Warmth and Protection: Keeping warm in colder conditions is essential. Layering an arc-rated jumper or unlined bib over regular workwear can increase both warmth and arc flash protection.
  • Moisture Management: Staying dry is vital for safety and comfort. Our products are designed to effectively wick moisture away from the skin, enhancing safety.
  • Compliance and Fit: Proper fit is crucial for safety and compliance. Well-fitting garments are recommended to ensure mobility and safety.
Volt Safety Arc Flash Clothing

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