One of the main reasons Volt Safety was started, was to provide a better level of advice and service to you, when you have safety questions, queries and needs.

There are plenty of safety suppliers out there, supplying to our industry, but very few can offer sound technical advice in support of their products.

Many can supply arc flash clothing, insulated gloves, LV rescue kits, proximity detectors; but very few can give accurate and reliable guidance, advice, and support when you aren’t totally sure what the requirement is, and what you actually need.

That is why Volt Safety exists.

We have a dedicated technical support team that knows the in’s and out’s, not only of our great product range, but also the ten’s (or hundred’s) of regulations, standards, acts and codes that govern our industry.

So next time you need safety equipment and want industry leading advice and service, contact Volt Safety!

Australia: Alex Loew, (07) 3282 0647,
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