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Welcome to Volt Safety. This business has been started with just one aim in mind – to make it easier, faster and more economical for you to purchase electrical safety equipment. Our Guaranteed, Tested, In Stock promise means that you can be assured we carry only the best products, they will always be delivered freshly tested*, and we will always carry stock on the shelf. All of this means it is now easier to stay safe by making Volt Safety your preferred Electrical Safety Supplier.

We stock a large range of specifically manufactured products under the Volt Safety brand.

This includes Electrical Insulated Gloves IEC60903 or AS2225 approved, Leather Outer Gloves, Cotton Inner Gloves, Electrical Insulated Mats, LV Line Covers, HV Blankets, LV Switchboard Rescue Kits,  MV Switchboard Rescue Kits, CAT4 Arc Flash Suits, CAT2 Arc Flash Shirts Trousers and Coveralls, Electrical Insulated Sticks, HV Proximity Testers and Lockout equipment.

The Volt Safety branded range offers premium quality at an affordable price, which is just another reason to make Volt Safety your preferred Electrical Safety Supplier.



We only carry the best products. Certified to the highest standards. When you purchase from Volt Safety, you are assured that you are purchasing safety items that meet or exceed the best national and international standards.


All of our products are shipped to you tested, calibrated or inspected (whichever is applicable), with an official certificate. This gives you extra piece of mind that your newly purchased safety products will be accepted on any site.


We always carry stock, on the shelf, ready to send to you. No more long lead times, no more being caught out waiting on a supplier. We carry our core range in stock, ready to ship to you same day, if ordered before 1pm AEST.



We also supply items from other manufacturers such as Height Safety products from Ferno, Electrical Meters from Fluke, Hioki, HT and Metrel, Lifting Equipment from Garrick-Herbert, Arc Flash Faceshields from BSD Germany, Dielectric Workboots from Respirex UK, Non-Conductive Work Boots from Oliver and Puma, 1000V Insulated Tools from Wattmaster, Electrical Insulated Sticks from Volt & Ritz Brazil, Safety Glasses from Eyeres, Arc Rated Wet Weather Jackets from Bool, Portable Earthing Devices from CATU France and premium quality First Aid Kits. It really doesn’t matter what you need or where it comes from, as we will source it for you. There is simply no reason why you should not make Volt Safety your preferred Electrical Safety Supplier.

If you can not find it on our website, not a problem… we will find a suitable product for you from one of our many contacts worldwide…you name it we will find it for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us via web chat, email or phone. We are here to make purchasing safety equipment easier, faster and more economical for you. So what are you waiting for? Make Volt Safety your preferred Electrical Safety Supplier today.