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Volt Group Lock Box with Clear Window

Description:  Volt Group Lock Box with Clear Window
Brand:        Volt
Rating:       N/A
Features:     13 person
Clear Viewing Window
Colour/s:     Red
Size/s:       N/A
Item Code/s: LOCK-BOX13
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Volt Group Lock Box with Clear Window allows multiple workers to work onsite, without compromising safety on-site. After the equipment to be worked on has been isolated from the energy source, the lockout keys are placed inside the Group Lock Box. Workers then use their own unique padlock to lockout these keys via the outside padlock holes. Workers can then come an go as they please knowing that the last person is the only person who can re-energise the switchboard.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Allows 13 workers to work onsite
  • Additional workers can be added via a 6-hole hasp
  • Lock Hole Diameter is 7mm
  • 240mm x 200mm x 100mm