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Volt Insulated Mat Class A 650V AS2978 – Kit

Description: Volt Insulated Mat Class A 650V Kit
Standards:   AS2978
Rating:      650V
Colour:      Grey
Size:        6mm x 1m x1m
Features:    Roll Up mat Bag 
Part Code/s: MAT-A K


Volt Insulated Mat KIT is rated Class A 650V and is the most popular Electrical Insulated Mat in Australia. It is 6mm thick to ensure you are always protected even on the most rugged outdoor worksites.  It is made from a special blend of EPDM rubber which gives the mat superior flexibility and protection against ozone cracking. This kit comes complete with the Roll Up Bag for easy transportation between sites and quick pack up. The mat is available in 1m x 1m size